How to Install Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are a form of window shades that are made of two pieces of fabric so that each fold or pleat of the shade creates an air pocket between the fabric. This air pocket acts as a layer of insulation on your windows and the double fabric layer of the cellular shade filters outside light but doesn't completely block it out, giving your room a lighter and airier feel. You can install cellular blinds easily, and you only need a few basic household tools to do it.

  1. Set up your ladder, if you need one to reach the top of the window frame, so the ladder is steady on the ground and you can climb up and reach the top of the frame without losing your balance. If you can reach the top of your window frame by hand you can skip this step.

  2. Hold your cellular blind up to the top of the window frame and, with a pencil, mark the frame about two inches in from the ends of the blind. This will be where you will install the hanging hardware. If you are going to be hanging your shade from a ceiling overhang place the marks on the ceiling instead of directly on the window frame.

  3. Use a drill with a Phillips head drill bit to attach the hanging brackets with the provided screw. Hold the bracket so the side with the two slots (versus the side with the two holes) is facing the window and the side with the two holes is on top. To attach the bracket to the window frame, line the edge of the bracket up on your pencil mark and drill the screw into one of the slots. Make sure the bracket is straight and then place a second screw in the other slot. Repeat this on the other end of the window for the second bracket. If you are installing the brackets on a ceiling overhang, line up the top side (with the two holes) on your pencil mark and drive a screw through one of the holes. Make sure the bracket is straight and then place the second screw in the other hole. Repeat this to install the second hanging bracket.

  4. Snap your cellular blind into the brackets. Hold the closed blind up to the brackets and make sure it is evenly spaced over the window. Rock the bottom of the blind out toward you and tuck the outside of the top rail of the shade frame (the plastic top of the blind) under the clips at the front of the top of the hanging bracket. Then push the bottom toward the back of the bracket until you feel the clips on the back of the bracket snap into place around the shade frame.


  • Use caution when using a ladder while installing your cellular blinds and follow all of the safety guidelines printed on the ladder as to how high you may climb and still work safely. A fall from a ladder, even of a few feet, can cause serious injury.