How to Make a Sunburst Sheer Curtain

Victoria Bailey

Decorative round half windows and doors with half-circle windows above the lintel are attractive additions to a house but pose a decorating dilemma. Many of them can be left bare, but they may not look very attractive if the rest of the window is curtained, or the sun may come in at an annoying angle. An easy and attractive solution is a sunburst sheer curtain. It may look complicated to make, but this curtain can be created in one afternoon by anyone with basic sewing skills.

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  1. Run the measuring tape around the outside of the circle to find the half-circle measurement. Add 2 inches. This total will be the length of the fabric piece.

  2. Measure from the highest point in the circle down to the base of the window. Add 2 inches. This will be the width of the fabric piece. Cut a piece of sheer fabric the dimensions that you have measured in the two previous steps.

  3. Fold over one short side of the fabric to the back 1/2 inch, and press. Fold again another 1/2 inch, pin and sew along the first fold to hem one side of the curtain. Repeat these directions on the other short side of the fabric.

  4. Fold over one long side of the fabric 1/2 inch to the same side that you folded the short sides and press. Fold the same edge another 1/2 inch, pin, and sew along the first fold line. You now have a rectangle of fabric that has been hemmed on three sides.

  5. Cut a piece of Velcro as long as the fabric length, minus the 2 additional inches that were added for hemming. Separate the two halves of the Velcro. Stick one half of the Velcro along the curved edge of the window.

  6. Fold the fourth edge of the fabric rectangle 1/2 inch toward the back, just like the first three sides. Press this fold. Pin the second Velcro strip to the fabric piece, on the back side of the fabric. This Velcro strip should be even with the pressed fold of fabric and covering the raw edge. Sew along the top and bottom edges of the Velcro strip, securing it to the entire length of the fabric piece.

  7. Fasten a safety pin to the end of the cording and close it. Use the pin as sort of a needle to thread the cording through the hem on the long side of the fabric piece opposite from where the Velcro has been sewn. Gather the fabric on this cording as it is threaded through the hem.

  8. Press the two halves of Velcro strips together. Pull the two ends of the cording so that the fabric piece has been gathered as closely and tightly as possible. Tie the two ends of the cording together and tuck them up inside the gathers so they can't be seen.