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How to Clean a Burnt Plastic Light Cover

Treating a plastic burnt lamp shade can be an easy task or a difficult one depending on the degree of the burn. One thing to consider before fixing the lamp shade is whether you can adjust the lamp to prevent burns in the future. A lamp shade that burns as a result of a light bulb poses a serious danger.

  1. Fill the sink with warm water and soap if your light cover will fit in the sink. If it will not, mix a solution of warm water and soap in a bowl. Using a soft clothe, scrub as much of the burn off as possible. Rinse with water and dry.Dampen the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and apply one layer to the burnt area. Using a toothbrush, scrub the area until the burn mark is gone.

  2. Treat deeper burns by following the steps above. Then, working with a dry lamp shade, use a fine sandpaper and sand the burnt area of the shade.

  3. Treat any burns that you cannot get out with the above steps by using a razor. Taking the razor, gently hold at an angle and scrape the burnt area of the shade. Do this in thin layers until you no longer see the burn.

  4. If the scar left on the shade is deep, fill it in with epoxy. You can find epoxy at your craft or hardware store. Also, paint over the epoxy with a clear paint to even out the appearance. You can have your hardware or craft store recommend a paint.