How to Cut Laminate Flooring at an Angle

J. Cavan Barry

Laminate flooring has grown to be a very popular alternative to hardwood flooring, and modern laminates are available with textures and designs that render them virtually indistinguishable from their hardwood counterparts. The installation of laminate flooring is almost identical to hardwood flooring, and is generally an easy task. Because not all rooms and floors are created in perfect square shapes, there will often be situations where the ends of laminate planks must be trimmed to fit any number of angles. The task of cutting laminate flooring at an angle is a simple one, and can be done by just about anyone.

Step 1

Check and measure the angle of the cut using the adjustable square. Most adjustable squares can be tightened with an attached wingnut once the angle has been set.

Step 2

Set the angle of the cut on a chop saw and lock into place.

Step 3

Measure the distance between the angle cut and the previous laminate plank to determine the length at which the plank will be cut. You will need to measure to one side of the angle, and it may be easiest to measure to the inside corner (the corner where the back of the plank will touch).

Step 4

Mark the plank at the cut length at the proper end; either the tongue or groove side depending on the direction at which you are setting your planks.

Step 5

Set the plank on the chop saw cutting surface against the back plate and line up the mark from step 4 with the blade. Line up the blade edge with the waste side of the mark to avoid cutting too much material.

Step 6

Turn on the saw (most commonly trigger activated) and gently pull the saw arm down to cut through the plank.

Step 7

Set the plank in its proposed location to check its cut length and re-cut as necessary. If you cut the plank too short, you can save it for a later location.