How to Make a Bed Taller

You may want to raise just the head of a bed to ease breathing or help with a neck or other medical condition; or you may need added storage space or just want the bed to have a more modern, taller look.
Use bed risers and lifters to do the job. Most bed risers come in sets of four that range from 1-1/2 to 3 or 4 inches in height. Bed lifters are stackable, so they can lift the bed to any desired height; and most will fit square and round posts and caster legs. .

Step 1

Decide the number of additional inches of bed height needed. If only the head of the bed needs to be lifted for health reasons, ask your doctor to recommend the best height for your condition.

Step 2

Calculate the weight that will rest on the risers (both the bed and the person or persons who will be on it). Many risers will accommodate weights only up to 300 pounds.

Step 3

Select risers not only to fit physical needs but to match the decor. Decide whether wood, rubber or plastic will work best. Dust ruffles, spreads, comforters or other bed coverings should be long enough to hide items stored beneath the bed.

Step 4

Purchase enough sets of stackable risers to achieve the desired height. Purchase sets in different height increments to reach the best adjustment.

Step 5

Get someone’s help to remove the bed mattress and box springs once you have the risers. Lift each leg of the frame and slip a riser beneath it. Add or remove lifters to increase or decrease height while taking into account the added inches of the mattress and box springs.

Things You Will Need

  • One or more sets of bed lifters in different increments

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