How to Buy a Private Outdoor Porta Potty

For many reasons, people often find themselves organizing a situation where there will be a large number of people in an area that is not near an existing building.
Of all the things that need to be thought of, providing toilet facilities is at the top of the list. For such occasions, portable toilets, known as porta-potties, were developed. They can be quickly and easily erected and dismantled as the occasion demands. When people plan ongoing events or have frequent need for these portable toilets, buying them is more economical than renting in the long run. .

Step 1

Decide what kind of porta-potty you need. The main porta-potty options include coin-operated toilet stalls, multistall set-ups, comfort stations (with hand-washing sinks included in the stalls), simple sani-flush (chemical flush) stalls, or small home or camping units.

Step 2

Make a list of what kind of porta-potty is needed. Think about whether the unit will be hooked up to an existing sewer, septic, or holding tank. Also consider whether there will be a garden hose available or some other water source to which the porta-potty can be hooked up, if the porta-potty will be public, and if fees will be collected.

Step 3

Choose from various portable toilet companies that sell porta-potties. When ordering, make sure that the company will be able to provide the quantity of porta-potties needed (if more than one is needed). Consider whether or not the company can deliver the porta-potties and if they are able to provide ongoing technical support. Don't assume that these things are a given; check them out first.

Step 4

Check with the Better Business Bureau before placing an order to insure that the company has a good reputation.

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