How to Repair Broken Wire on an Invisible Fence

Invisible fencing typically refers to a system that uses wire around the perimeter of a property to keep dogs from wandering out of a specified area. Invisible fencing wire is buried underneath the ground and is used in conjunction with a shock collar worn by the dog. As the dog nears the buried perimeter fencing, a warning tone or vibration is emitted. If the dog attempts to cross the perimeter, the collar delivers a shock. From time to time, it may be necessary to repair damaged invisible fence wire due to cuts or breaks.

Step 1

Disconnect the power from the transformer that supplies power to the invisible fencing. This usually involves unplugging the transformer power cord from an electrical outlet.

Step 2

Locate the break in the invisible fence wire. Look for areas along the installed fence line that show signs of digging by an animal. Also look for damage from landscaping equipment; edgers are notorious for causing breaks and cuts in shallow underground lines.

Step 3

Unearth the damaged section of wire by using a shovel to slowly and carefully remove dirt from above the wire. Scoop dirt from across the top of the wire, working down to the wire itself. Do not dig straight down because this may result in further damage to the wire.

Step 4

Inspect the wire to determine the extent of the damage. In most cases, one if not both of the wires will be cut. Make sure there is sufficient dirt removed to allow room for work with the wire.

Step 5

Use wire strippers to remove about a half-inch or so of protective covering from both sides of the wire where cut. It is important to remove the insulating material so a good connection may be established.

Step 6

Use one of several methods for the splice. An invisible fence wire splice involves opening a small splice block, inserting the wires as directed and then tightening the block until it's closed. The splice may also be made by twisting the two wires together and securing with electrical tape or wire nuts.

Step 7

Replace the dirt around and over the repaired section of wire. It may be necessary to place stone or block over the repair because dogs may be attracted to freshly dug soil and attempt to re-dig in the site.


  • Use caution when digging to ensure no other buried power or water lines are in the area. Consult a utility-locating service if buried lines are a concern.