How to Buy Vinyl Floor Remnants

If you're on a budget but you've got to replace kitchen flooring, vinyl flooring remnants might be a good option. Using remnants allows you to get home repairs done while keeping costs low. Remnants are the remains of a roll of vinyl flooring and are typically sold as such; you can't get the manufacturer to sell you half the roll, but you will get the whole roll at a great discount.

  1. Measure the area you plan to cover with vinyl flooring using a measuring tape. Note the size of any countertops, kitchen islands, bathtubs or other obstacles that help reduce the area you need to cover.

  2. Draw a small diagram or map.

  3. Research companies in your area that sell vinyl flooring. Most company websites will inform you whether the company sells vinyl floor remnants, but call if you aren't sure.

  4. Visit companies to see what selection they have available. Bring your measurements and diagram. Let a salesperson know the dimensions you need and any colors or patterns you prefer. Show them your diagram so they understand the scope of your project.

  5. Review the options that meet your needs. If you find something you like, purchase it. If not, visit other area stores until you have seen everything that's currently available.

  6. Look up companies that sell over the Internet if there are no options near you. Purchase vinyl remnants online. Any vinyl being sold as a remnant will be measured for you, so you'll know exactly how much you are getting.