How to Repair a Maytag Dryer

It can be a real inconvenience if you Maytag dryer stops working.
If it’s wintertime, you can’t hang your clothes outside to dry. You don’t want to let them drip dry indoors, and you sure don’t want to start going to a laundromat again. A Maytag dryer, like any appliance, requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it operating properly. If your dryer goes out for some reason, know that you can often repair a Maytag dryer on your own. .

Step 1

Check the circuit box in your home to make sure you don’t have a blown fuse. A blown fuse will look dark and foggy in the glass window of the fuse. If you do have a blown fuse, replace the fuse.

Step 2

Check to make sure the circuit breaker in your house has not been tripped. If it has been tripped, it will be in the center position, not in the “on” position like your other working circuits. If it has been tripped, then reset it.

Step 3

Examine the Maytag dryer door to make sure it is completely closed and latched. Push in the door all the way, and you will engage the latch. The dryer door latch must be firmly secured or the dryer won’t operate.

Step 4

Firmly press the “Start” button on the Maytag dryer, and hold the button in for 2 to 5 seconds. If there is a large load in the dryer, you may need to hold the start button in a little longer for the dryer to start.

Step 5

Look to make sure that the Maytag dryer isn’t set on “Wrinkle Prevent.” If it is set to this setting, then switch the cycle control knob on the dryer to “Automatic Dryer” or to “Sensor Dryer.”

Step 6

Push the “Cycle Signal” button on the Maytag dryer, and hold it in. This will turn off the “Controls Locked” feature that may be causing the controls to lock up.

Step 7

Check that you didn’t accidentally set the Maytag dryer to “Air Fluff” or to “Air Only” on your temperature control setting if you are not getting any heat to your Maytag dryer.

Step 8

Make sure that the gas shutoff valve on the Maytag gas dryer is open. Otherwise, the drum can turn but the dryer can’t heat. Open the gas shutoff valve, which is located in the supply line. The valve is open when the valve handle remains even with the gas pipe. (View your Maytag owner’s manual.)