How to Add Support to a Sagging Floating Shelf

Bailey Shoemaker Richards

Floating shelves are a simple but practical addition to any wall. They are more versatile than traditional bookshelves and can easily hold display items as well as practical ones. However, over time a floating shelf may begin to sag. There are numerous causes for a sagging shelf, and fortunately, all of them are easy fixes. Adding support to a sagging shelf can prevent it from falling, breaking or being permanently damaged.

Step 1

Take everything off the floating shelf to examine the shelf more closely.

Step 2

Look at the brackets underneath the shelf first; brackets that have been spaced too close to the edges of a shelf can cause it to sag.

Step 3

Move the brackets 1 to 2 inches in from the edge of the shelf. Remove them from the wall with a screwdriver and replace the screws in the brackets' new position.

Step 4

Add a third bracket to the center of the shelf to hold up the sagging middle. Attach the shelf with screws. Make sure it is even with the other brackets.

Step 5

Replace items on the sagging shelf; put the heaviest items at the ends of the shelf and lighter items in the middle.