How to Store a Chandelier

When an expensive chandelier is in a room that is slated for a renovation project, the homeowners might feel better with the chandelier safely packed away. Transporting a chandelier to a new home might involve temporary storage. Learning how to pack a chandelier properly will save you the heartache of finding broken or missing pieces. Putting a chandelier into storage could be a disaster if not done with care. Purchase study boxes and packing material from moving or storage stores.

Chandeliers must be stored with care.
  1. Turn off the main source of power to the chandelier. Turn the light switch on, and then off to ensure there is no power going to the chandelier.

  2. Use a sturdy ladder and a helper to remove the chandelier from the ceiling. Cap the wires with wire nuts. Place screws from the chandelier inside a plastic bag and seal shut.

  3. Cover the hole left from the chandelier with a round cover plate. Purchase a cover plate from a hardware store or home improvement center.

  4. Select a box size that will accommodate the chandelier, boxes for the light bulbs and ornaments, and sufficient packing material.

  5. Remove light bulbs from the sockets and place in a small box. Wrap each bulb separately in a cloth or paper to protect from breaking. Place a label on the box indicating the contents.

  6. Remove ornaments, such as crystal beads, and wrap the ornaments individually or place packing popcorn inside the box to prevent breakage. Label the contents of the box. Personal preference will determine the method used.

  7. Place a firm foam base in the bottom of a large box. Set the chandelier in the center of the foam.

  8. Place the bag of screws and the extra boxes at the sides of the large box. Fill the box with packing popcorn.

  9. Place another piece of firm foam over the contents. Close the lid on the box. Rock the box to ensure the contents are packed securely. Add more packing material until the contents cannot move.

  10. Close the box and secure with tape. Mark the contents on the outside of the container.

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