How to Connect Black Pipe to PVC Pipe

When installing PVC pipe waste pipe, ABS plastic and black iron pipe are two types of black pipe you are likely to encounter. The installation process for connecting PVC to both types of black pipe is identical, using the same type of fitting. A flexible rubber fitting attaches to the black pipe and PVC using stainless steel pipe clamps, and after installation the connection will remain solid and watertight. Flexible rubber couplings are available whether you are installing like-sized pipe or you need to transition between different sized pipes.

Step 1

Loosen the stainless steel clamps of the flexible rubber coupling with the 5/16-inch hex-head adapter and drill motor.

Step 2

Clean the end of the black pipe and the PVC pipe with a clean rag. You need to ensure that the ends of both pieces of pipe are free of dirt, dust and debris that will interfere with the installation of the flexible rubber coupling.

Step 3

Slide one end of the flexible rubber coupling over the end of the black pipe and then slide one end of the PVC into the other end of the flexible rubber coupling.

Step 4

Tighten the stainless steel clamps with the 60-inch-pound 5/16-inch tee-handle torque wrench. Before you tighten the stainless steel clamp, make sure that the clamp rests in the molded groove of the flexible rubber coupling.

Step 5

Test the connection for water leaks after you have tightened both stainless steel clamps to the proper torque. If the connection leaks, make sure that both stainless steel clamps are tight and that both ends of the pipe in the connection are seated properly in the flexible rubber coupling.

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