How to Sell Your Scrap Plastic

When moving, deep cleaning or resettling after a major home renovation, you'll discover a lot of unwanted plastic products in your home. Before you sort these into the trash or recycling, make a few phone calls to local or national scrap metal dealers. You could earn some quick cash for your scrap plastic.

Sell scrap plastic for cash.
    Sort your scrap plastic.
  1. Sort your scrap plastic before you begin. Some companies may buy only one type of plastic product while others may purchase any scrap plastic. As you sort, write down what you have so that you can inform potential buyers.

  2. Wash your scrap plastic in soapy water. Many plastic buyers do not purchase scrap plastic that has oil, food residue or grease on it. If you notice your scrap plastic is still dirty after the initial wash, re-wash it.

  3. Contact local junk yards and scrap metal dealers. According to Recycle in Me, scrap metal dealers and junkyards may purchase scrap plastic. This is the best option for selling your scrap plastic locally.

  4. Post your scrap plastic for sale in the marketplace at Gopolymers.com by filling out the Sell Plastics Form. Once your form has been received, a staff member of Gopolymers.com will call you to discuss the sales transaction. Once your products have been approved and posted, potential buyers can view your listing in the plastic marketplace.

  5. Search online for plastic buyers such as Plasticrevolutions.com or Vikoz.com. Vikoz.com offers free plastic scrap pickup anywhere in North America. Call or email staff members to discuss selling your scrap plastic.

  6. Choose a local or national scrap plastic buyer based on price and convenience of transaction. Call the suppler to ask how you need to prepare the plastic for pickup. Some suppliers may want you to shrink wrap the material while others will not have additional guidelines. Arrange a pickup time or a dropoff appointment to conclude your sales transaction.

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