How to Repair a Dining Room Chair Back

Let's face it.
Chairs take the most abuse in the house, especially when your uncle leans back in his chair after every meal. Weight and stress can cause a chair back to come loose at the joint. Whether it's a flat-back or spindle-back chair, time and stress can cause damage. Take heart, because there is a simple and quick fix. In no time, you'll have your dining chairs ready for the next family meal.

Step 1

Wiggle the chair back to see where it's come loose. You will see it moving back and forth in the joint where it's come unglued. Look for any broken parts or pieces while moving it around.

Step 2

Spread a small amount of wood glue on to a thin sliver of wood. Firmly press the sliver into the gap at the joint where the chair back is loose. Place one in the front and back of the joint. These will act as wedges to keep the back from wiggling anymore. Also, because they wedge the back in place, you won't need a clamp to hold everything in place.

Step 3

Clean up any excess glue with a damp cloth. After an hour, trim the ends of the slivers flush with the joint that you slipped them in to. Use a sharp utility knife for this because the blade is very thin and can reach into tight spaces.

Things You Will Need

  • Wood glue
  • Thin wood slivers
  • Utility knife
  • Damp rag


  • To make several wooden slivers fast, take one end of a popsicle stick and hit it with a large hammer until the first inch is flat. Do this to both sides of several sticks and you have enough slivers to repair all of your chairs at once.

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