How to Clean a Kirby Vacuum Bag

Your Kirby vacuum cleaner keeps your home's or business's carpet clean and dirt free. But like other appliances, the vacuum needs to be cleaned and properly maintained to keep it running efficiently. The Kirby vacuum's external bag is an important part of the appliance. It holds the debris from your carpets and over time the bag can become dusty and dirty. The external bag not only needs to be clean on the outside, but also the inside to remove spilled dirt and particles.

Clean your Kirby vacuum cleaner bag often to keep debris from building up in and on it.
  1. Turn off and unplug your Kirby vacuum cleaner.

  2. Open your vacuum cleaner's outer bag. Remove the disposable bag inside of the bag, if using a model that uses disposable bags.

    Note: older Kirby model vacuums do not use disposable bags.

  3. Vacuum the inside of the outer bag with the crevice tool attached to a shop or other type of vacuum. Use a different vacuum and not your Kirby vacuum.

    Wear a nose mask to keep the dust from affecting you.

  4. Wipe the inside of the outer bag with a soft cloth or rag to breakup any caked on dirt and grime. Re-vacuum the inside of the outer bag.

  5. Vacuum the outside of the Kirby bag.

  6. Wipe the outside of the outer bag with a soft cloth or rag to breakup any caked on dirt and grime. Re-vacuum the outside of the outer bag.

  7. Install a new Kirby disposable vacuum cleaner bag inside of the outer bag, if using a Kirby model of vacuum that uses bags.

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