How to Make Kitchen Awning Curtains

Laure Justice

Kitchen awning curtains are also called cafe curtains, because they were originally inspired by the awnings draped over sidewalk cafes. Awning curtains are placed at the top of a window in a manner similar to a curtain valance, only without the ruffles. Look for fabric in nature-inspired colors or wide, classic stripes, and select a firm, tightly woven fabric for the best result when making your own kitchen awning curtains.

The style of outdoor awnings inspired kitchen awning curtains.
  1. Measure the width of the kitchen window, and add 13 inches to the measurement.

  2. Cut a rectangular strip of fabric, the width you just calculated, with a height of 24 inches.

  3. Measure 5 inches in, leaving the front of the awning curtain shaped like a rectangle. Make 1/8-inch marks on the bottom and top edges of the fabric with the tailor's chalk. Lay the fabric rectangle face up on the table, and fold the ends of the fabric over.

  4. Fold the ends back onto themselves like an accordion, at an angle with 6 inches at the bottom untouched, and going straight up to the fold at the top. It will resemble a wide jacket lapel before you sew and cut it. Top-stitch 1/4 inch from the fold, and cut off the excess fabric.

  5. Turn both long edges under 1/4 inch, and sew them in place, using a long basting stitch on your sewing machine, to finish the raw edges of the fabric. Turn the long edges under again, 3 inches this time, and use a medium-length stitch on the sewing machine to finish the casings for the curtain rods.

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