How to Install a Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Craftsman is a brand-name used by Sears for their line of tools, lawn and garden equipment, garage and storage items. A Craftsman garage door opener works along with a remote transmitter, which allows you to open your garage door from inside your automobile. You can install a Craftsman garage door opener in one day, using common carpentry tools.

Install a Craftsman garage door opener in one day
  1. Slide together the three sections of rail that come with the Craftsman garage door opener, making sure the tapered end of each rail snaps into place on the larger end of the adjoining rail. Slide the outer trolley assembly onto the rail. Slide the inner trolley assembly into the outer trolley until it snaps into place.

  2. Remove the nut and washer from the top of the garage door opener to reveal the rail mounting stud. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the nut counterclockwise. Place the mounting hole in the end of the rail assembly over the mounting stud and reattach the washer and nut. Tighten the nut by turning the adjustable wrench clockwise.

  3. Slide the end of the cable and chain assembly through the slotted opening at the end of the rail opposite the opener. Slide the idler pulley into the slot until the mounting hole lines up and the cable is routed through the pulley's groove. Slide the pulley mounting bolt through the mounting hole and secure it by tightening the pulley washer and lock nut with an adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction.

  4. Pull the end of the cable and chain assembly towards the trolley. Connect the loop in the cable to the trolley by inserting the master chain link up through the mounting hole in the trolley and though the cable loop. Press the master link clip to the other side of the master link with a pair of pliers. Run the cable and chain assembly along the length of the rail to the cogged wheel on the opener, making sure the links are engaged into the cogs. Connect the end of the chain to the threaded shaft on the opener with the other master link and clip.

  5. Mark the center of the garage door at the top using a measuring tape and a pencil. Install the header bracket on the pencil mark just above the garage door with the lag bolts provided. Turn the bolts clockwise with an adjustable wrench until tight. Insert the rail into the header bracket, allowing the opener to rest on the garage floor. Secure the rail by inserting the header bracket bolt into the mounting hole. Secure the bolt with a cotter pin pushed through the small hole at the end of the bolt.

  6. Ask your assistant to help raise the garage door opener to the garage ceiling. Use a pencil to mark on the ceiling the location of each side of the opener. Lower the opener to the floor. Hold the opener mounting bracket to the ceiling centered over the two pencil marks and attach it with lag bolts turning an adjustable wrench clockwise until tight.

  7. Ask your assistant to help raise the opener to the ceiling until it comes in contact with the mounting bracket. Run bolts through the opener's mounting holes and into the closest hole in the mounting bracket with bolts, washers and nuts. Tighten the bolts and nuts by turning the adjustable wrench clockwise. Plug the power cord of the opener into the power outlet.

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