How to Clean Fingerprints from Stainless Steel

Fingerprints on stainless steel can be bothersome and may require specific supplies for removal. Fingerprints on stainless steel appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens appear greasy and dark. Luckily, there are common household items that remove those pesky fingerprints to keep your kitchen appliances looking sharp.

A way to clean fingerprints from stainless glass.
  1. Spray glass cleaner on the fingerprints. Let it sit for a few seconds. You can also use ammonia to remove fingerprints, if you don't have glass cleaner. Glass cleaner and ammonia can be purchased at your local grocery store.

  2. Wipe away the fingerprints with a sheet of paper towel. If the fingerprints can't be removed with a simple wipe, you can gently rub the prints away.

  3. Rinse the area with a damp paper towel. You can also use a dry sheet of paper towel to shine the stainless steel.

  4. Use a drop of baby oil on a sheet of paper towel for high shine. Rubbing too much oil will make the area greasy.


  • Never use abrasive cleaners or pads on your stainless steel appliances or fixtures.

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