How to Apply Tile Sealer

Tile is commonly used for both interior and exterior applications, and can offer a surface that can withstand nearly any foot traffic and weather conditions. While some tiles available on the modern market may be offered with a ceramic coating that protects it from moisture and staining, others are only available in a raw state that can be very vulnerable to moisture and dirt. The Application of tile sealer to these tiles is the best way to prevent staining and damage due to foot traffic and weather. The task of sealing tile is a generally straightforward one that can usually be successfully completed by just about anyone using only basic materials.

Step 1

Remove all dust and debris from the tile surface, using a vacuum cleaner or broom.

Step 2

Carefully pour the tile sealer into the paint roller pan, and set the paint roller pan on the opposite side of the tile floor from where you will be starting application (preferably, set the pan near the room exit).

Step 3

Soak the paint roller pad in the tile sealer and twist the roller extension into the roller.

Step 4

Evenly apply the sealer to the tile surface in rows, spreading out any puddles or streaks. Work your way over the entire tile floor surface using this method.

Step 5

Allow sealer to dry as directed on sealer packaging, and apply additional coats as necessary.