How to Install a Ceiling Fan in a Manufactured Home

Marissa Wilson

A ceiling fan in a manufactured home is convenient for a few reasons. It can cool the home during the summer and keep the electric bill down because you won't have to use the air conditioner as often. Installing a ceiling fan in a manufactured home can be a simple process as long as you have moderate knowledge of electricity and the right tools. Doing this project yourself will save you a lot of money and add value to your manufactured home.

A ceiling fan can be a nice addition to any home.
  1. Turn off the breaker box in the manufactured home. Run the wires from the breaker box to the light switch and from the light switch to the light box. Clean the wires with the wire cutters. To clean the wires, take the wire cutters and squeeze the wires gently and pull back gently. If you squeeze the wires too hard, you will cut through the wires and will have to do it over.

  2. Run the clean wires through the bracket and attach them with the screws that came with the bracket, using the Phillips screwdriver.

  3. Attach the blue and black wires coming from the breaker box. Attach the white wire to the white wire. Place the wire nuts on the wires and tighten them down by turning them clockwise. Cover the wire nuts with black tape until they are completely covered. This is for safety reasons. Attach the copper wire to the green screw on the bracket.

  4. Attach the fan base to the bracket, using the Phillips screws that came with the fan and the Phillips screwdriver. Put the fan blades on, using the Phillips screws and the screw nuts. Tighten down with pliers and a Phillips screwdriver.

  5. Hook up the light chain and the fan chain to the fan base. The chains clip right on. The fan chain goes on the right and the light chain goes on the left. Turn the breaker box back on.