How to Troubleshoot a Central Vacuum 7811

A Central Vacuum 7811 cleaning system is a whole-house system you use to vacuum and collect dirt.

No Suction

Vacuum cleaner brush attachmentVacuum cleaner brush attachment
It uses wall outlets that you connect your vacuum hose to, so you don’t have to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner. A centrally-located suction and collection unit powers the vacuum and holds the debris that you vacuum. This is often located in a garage or basement. At times you may have trouble with the Central Vacuum 7811 unit or with one of the vacuum hoses. There are a number of things you can do to troubleshoot your 7811 central vacuum before calling a repairman. Always refer to your user manual and instructions for troubleshooting and diagrams for your system.

Step 1

Check the canister on your 7811 central vacuum unit to make sure it isn’t full. If it is, empty the contents in the collection receptacle.

Step 2

Test the suction at the central unit to see if it’s working. If there is no suction force coming from the central unit, the problem is here and not in your hosing.

Step 3

Plug your hose into the utility valve at the 7811 central vacuum unit. If the hose has suction, the problem is somewhere in the piping in your walls.

Step 4

Insert the vacuum end of the hose in the utility valve if you suspect your hose is clogged. This will unclog your hose. Insert a garden hose without water into the vacuum hose to push the clog through.

Step 5

Use a shop vacuum and insert the hose at the valve that has lost suction to remove a clog in the piping. Make sure the utility valve at the central vacuum is in the open position or the dirt canister is in the off position so you’ll get airflow. Turn on the shop vacuum and the clog should come loose. If this fails, have a friend close the utility valve when the shop vacuum is on and then open the valve; this will build and release pressure and dislodge the clog. Contact your local repair service for your 7811 central vacuum if you have suction at the unit and there is not a clog in the hose or piping. You may have a disconnected pipe in the wall.

Central Unit Won’t Turn Off

Step 1

Check the central vacuum unit to make sure the override switch is turned off.

Step 2

Disconnect all the hoses from the wall outlets.

Step 3

Disconnect the low voltage wire according to your Central Vacuum 7811 manufacturer’s instructions. If this fails, call your local repairman.

Central Unit Won’t Turn On

Step 1

Reset the circuit on your central unit by following the instructions in your user manual. There should be a reset button on the unit.

Step 2

Turn on your central vacuum with the override switch.

Step 3

Check the circuit breaker in your electric panel to make sure it is on.

Things You Will Need

  • Shop vacuum
  • Garden hose
  • Friend

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