How to Install Safety Netting on Jumpking Trampolines

Safety netting, used with trampolines such as the Jumpking, is designed to prevent people from falling off and hitting the ground, which can cause injury.

Safety nets are used with trampolines to prevent injury.Safety nets are used with trampolines to prevent injury.
When the safety netting on your trampoline begins to age, tears can occur in the netting. Replacing the safety netting on your Jumpking trampoline will require you to first remove the old netting before new safety netting can be installed.

Set up a ladder next to the trampoline so you can reach the top of the poles.

Climb up the ladder and remove the strap from the first pole. Take the hook from the strap out of the ring at the top of the pole.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the straps on the remainder of the poles.

Walk around the perimeter of the trampoline and remove the strap hooks from the "V" rings.

Take the new netting out of the package and lay it on the trampoline.

Connect the first strap to the top of the first pole. Climb the ladder and then insert the hook into the ring. Repeat this step to connect the straps to the remainder of the poles.

Connect the straps for the safety netting to the bottom of the poles. Wrap the strap around the pole and then insert the hook from the first strap into the "V" ring on the edge of the trampoline.

Connect the remainder of the straps to complete the project.


  • Attaching the netting at the top first will make the installation easier.


  • If the door on the safety netting is not positioned at the bottom of the trampoline, you will need to redo the installation.

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