How to Remove Outdoor Tile

Ceramic tile is used in all areas of the world for purposes ranging from waterproofing to purely aesthetic in both interior and exterior spaces. When installed properly, tile can outlast just about any other cladding material for a reasonably low cost. Despite even a perfect installation, tile can deteriorate over time from a number of different variables ranging from weather to traffic and use. Removing outdoor tile for deterioration, remodeling or any other reason is a generally straightforward task that can be successfully completed by just about anyone using basic construction tools.

Outdoor tile can deteriorate in harsh weather.
  1. Hold the 2-inch masonry chisel firmly against the grout joint between two tiles.

  2. Tap the head of the chisel with the masonry hammer to chip away and remove the grout joint.

  3. Angle the 4-inch masonry chisel to the mortar joint behind or under the tile, and hold firmly.

  4. Tap the head of the chisel with the masonry hammer to chip away the tile mortar until the tile is free. If the tile will not lift from the mortar, pull it loose using the flat pry bar. Repeat this process on remaining tiles until all tiles have been removed. In most cases, the tiles will break or crack during this process.

  5. Remove any remaining mortar from the wall or floor, using the masonry chisels and hammer.

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