How to Troubleshoot Frigidaire Water Dispensers

Frigidaire water dispensers are easy to use--simply hold a glass against the dispenser paddles until it's full. Most water dispenser problems are easily resolved with a few simple steps.

No Water Dispensing

Enjoy chilled water on a hot day.
  1. Turn knob on household water line valve to open water line.

  2. Shut the freezer door completely.

  3. Replace the filter cartridge. Open freezer door and turn the ice maker signal arm to the "Off" position.

  4. Turn filter cup to the left while it holding in your hand. Gently pull filter cartridge out of the cup. Rinse the cup for 30 seconds under running water.

  5. Throw away old filter cartridge. Place new filter in cup, with the small o-ring facing up. Replace cup and filter to housing, turning it to tighten. Turn ice maker back on.

Unpleasant Water Taste or Odor

  1. Dispense 10 to 12 eight ounce glasses of water and dump in your sink to empty the tank of old, stale water.

  2. Connect the water pipe found behind the refrigerator to the cold water line for the kitchen faucet. You can usually find the cold water line under your sink.

  3. Use a crescent wrench or your fingers to tighten the pipe securely.

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