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How to Fix an Outdoor Faucet That Comes Out From the Ground

Joey Pellham

Any time you find yourself with a faucet leak, you should fix it right away. The main concern is that water is leaking, which is causing your water bill to be higher than it should be. When you have any kind of leak with an outdoor faucet, this concern is even greater because you really don't use it every day. Faucets in the ground can be repaired the same way as any other outdoor faucet.

Loose Spigot Pipe

  1. Inspect your rebar that runs vertically next to your spigot pipe. It is used as a support. It is common for the rebar to come loose, or it may be broken due to years of corrosion. Hammer the rebar back into the ground if it is loose. Re-tie it with bailing wire.

  2. Install a new section of rebar, if needed, using your sledgehammer. Use a different hole than the original rebar was in to ensure that the support will not come loose.

  3. Tie up the new rebar to the spigot water pipe by using the baling wire. Twist the ends closed with the pliers.

Leaky Outdoor Faucet

  1. Inspect the spigot to see where the leak is. It may be from the handle area or from the spout. If the leak is from the handle, use your wrench to tighten down the handle nut. Sometimes this will solve your leak. If it doesn't, then turn off the main water supply that feeds the outdoor spigot. Open the handle to make sure it's off.

  2. Remove the handle with the crescent wrench by loosening the handle nut. Some handles require the use of a socket wrench. Turn the handle assembly over and inspect the packing washer, which is located beneath a collar. This washer prevents water from escaping from the handle when the valve is turned on. If it's worn out, remove the screw holding it in place and install a new one. Turn on the water and check for leaks. If you have a drip from the spout, continue with Step 3.

  3. Turn off your water supply. Apply the crescent wrench to the nut on the spigot that holds the stem in place. It is located right behind the handle nut. Hold onto the rebar support and piping, when you loosen the stem, to make sure you don't twist the faucet pipe in any way.

  4. Remove the stem washer with the screwdriver and install a new one. Re-install the stem assembly, cap and tighten everything down. Turn on your water supply and check for any leaks.