How to Erase Ink on Overhead Transparencies

Mel Frank

Overhead projectors allow you to display what you've written on a clear piece of transparency paper. The projector emits the image onto a wall or screen, where the entire room can see and read from the transparency. Because these transparencies can be costly, and errors sometimes occur while writing on a transparency, it is important to know how to erase ink, either for making a correction or to reuse the transparency.

Remove ink from your transparencies
  1. Saturate the edge of a paper towel with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. This alcohol is diluted enough to make it safe for the transparency and will effectively remove the ink.

  2. Rub the damp paper towel over the transparency, using new sections of paper towel as the ink is removed.

  3. Dip a cotton swab into the alcohol to rub over small areas of the transparency when you need to make small corrections. This allows you to correct small errors without removing ink from large sections of the transparency.