How to Install the Two Cabinet Clips for a Kenmore Washing Machine

Kenneth Crawford

Inevitably during the disassembly process of your Kenmore washing machine, the brass cabinet clips will fall out of the rear panel. At first glance you may not be able to figure out exactly how to reinstall them. The cabinet clip has two u-shaped dips on one end separated by a larger inverse "u" with a slot in it. The other end of the clip is flat with a slight bend. The slight bend will fit into the rear panel while the u-shaped dips will fit into holes on the top of the cabinet.

  1. Position the flat end of the cabinet clip with the slight hook toward the rear of the washer. As you face the front of the washer, start with the clip on the right side. Locate the small slit on the rear panel that is just below the open control console on the right, and level with the top of the cabinet.

  2. Insert the hook into the slit in the rear panel. Position the two "u"s located at the opposite end of the clip over the double holes in the top of the Kenmore washing machine cabinet.

  3. Press down on the clips to snap the bottoms of the "u"s inside the holes. Repeat for the other left side of the cabinet. You can now reassemble the rest of the cabinet.