How to Hang a Shower Curtain on a Claw Tub

Claw tubs have been popular among bathers since the end of World War I, when indoor plumbing slowly began to be introduced into homes. The depth of these tubs and the fact that there is no overflow drain allows soaking in deeper water than is possible with most standard built-in tubs. However, claw-foot tubs can't use traditional straight-rod shower curtains because the tubs are freestanding. In today's world, the speed and ease of a shower often trumps a leisurely soak, so if your only bathing area is a claw-foot tub, you may need to install a shower curtain on it.

Make your claw-foot tub more useful by adding a shower curtain.
  1. Measure the length and width of your tub with a tape measure. You can measure the inside or the outside dimensions, whichever is easiest, because the curtain rods will come in standardized sizes.

  2. Locate the hanging hardware in your oval or square shower curtain rod kit. The kit should have anchors and screws. Do not attempt to use the screws without the anchors--the curtain rod will be too heavy and may eventually fall out of the wall or ceiling.

  3. Assemble your curtain rod and mark the locations where it will need to attach to the wall or ceiling, depending on your kit's style. Hold the screw plates or flanges (usually round plates with a hole for the rod) against the wall or ceiling in those locations and mark the exact sites for the screws.

  4. Drill holes in the screw locations, using the bit size noted in your curtain rod kit. If the kit does not note a bit size, try one slightly smaller than the diameter of the anchor, not including its lip.

  5. Set the anchors into the holes and gently tap them into place with a hammer. If they don't go in with gentle taps, enlarge the holes slightly. Place the flanges or screw plates over the anchors and screw them into place.

  6. Attach the curtain rod to the flanges as instructed in your kit. If you are using closed shower curtain rings, they must be placed on the rods before they are secured in place. Space the rings evenly on either side of the wall or ceiling supports.

  7. Hang the shower curtains from the rings, overlapping the curtains by two ring holes at the end of the tub opposite the faucet. Extra-long tubs may require a third shower curtain.

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