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How to Adjust the Water Level in Maytag Washers

Misty Rodriguez

Adjusting the water level in your Maytag washer is critical if you want to wash and clean your clothes properly.

How to Adjust the Water Level in Maytag Washers

Maytag washers come in a variety of models, and each one offers different water level settings that you can adjust according to the size of your load of clothes. If you choose a level that is too small, the clothes won't get clean and may become damaged. Too high and you will waste water and the energy used to heat the water. Maytag offers the pre-selector knob and the infinite selector knob. These knobs specifically prevent overflowing, or too much water from entering the machine's tub.

Step 2:

Determine your knob setting. The pre-selector knob has five distinct settings, while the infinity knob can be positioned anywhere between the different water level settings. Each of these settings is suited for a specific amount of clothing.

Step 3:

Turn the pre-selector knob to one of these five settings: extra small, small, medium, large or extra large. Which setting you choose depends on how large your clothing load is.


Front-load washers always fill the same low water level during the wash cycle, no matter how many clothes are in the machine. This helps to cut water usage substantially, without sacrificing cleanliness or efficiency. There is no need to adjust the water manually.

Step 4:

Turn the infinite selector knob to extra small, small, medium, large, extra large or any point in between these levels. If you are washing a load of clothes that is too big for a large load but too small for an extra large load, position the selector knob between these two settings.


Maytag's recommended water level settings are as follows: extra small for a washer that is 1/4 full of clothes, small for a washer that is 1/4 to 1/3 full, medium for a washer that is 1/3 to 1/2 full of clothes, large for a washer that is 1/2 to 3/4 full and extra large for a washer that is 3/4 to completely full of clothes.


Always set the water level on medium or above for delicate, permanent press and loosely knit items, and also for washable woolens. This minimizes wrinkling, shrinkage and stretching of seams.