How to Repair Granite With Epoxy

Granite countertops and granite tiles are used throughout many home designs. Granite is a hard and durable natural stone with a crystalline nature. Occasionally, it can contain natural fissures or pits that can leave weak spots in the stone. When these weak spots come in contact with force, blunt objects or are on corners, chips and cracks can occur. To repair chipped or cracked granite, purchase a granite repair kit in the same color as your stone. Granite repair kits contain not only the epoxy, but the pigments needed to ensure your repair will blend perfectly with your granite.

Granite is occasionally prone to chipping or cracking
  1. Spray stone cleaner onto the granite in the area that requires repair, and buff it with a lint-free cloth. Remove any grease, oil, dust or debris that could interfere with the bond between the epoxy and the stone. Make sure to clean out the cracked or chipped area as well.

  2. Tape off the edges of the area requiring repair with masking tape.

  3. Put on rubber gloves. Mix up the pigments and epoxy according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  4. Use a wooden stick to scoop up a small amount of epoxy, and spread it into the chip or crack. Allow the epoxy to settle into the repair. If the chip or crack is deep and the epoxy slumps, apply a second coat until the repair is level with the stone.

  5. Wait ten minutes and use a razor blade to scrape the top of the epoxy so that it becomes level with the rest of the granite. Remove the masking tape and allow the epoxy to dry overnight.

  6. Seal the granite and the repair with an impregnating sealer. Paint the entire area with a foam paintbrush. Wipe away the excess after ten minutes with a lint-free cloth.

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