How to Make a Battery-Operated Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a type of osculating tray, most commonly used for cake decorating or found in the inside of corner cabinets or the center of a table to hold food items.
Traditionally, you would have to turn a Lazy Susan on your own. However, a battery-operated version turns by itself with a much smoother movement. A manufactured Lazy Susan can cost well over $100. Making one on your own is much cheaper than purchasing one. In fact, the cost of the supplies is less than half the cost of purchasing a manufactured version. .

Step 1

Clean the empty coffee can. Peel off any labels and paint to your specific taste.

Step 2

Unwrap the spinning motor and insert the batteries.

Step 3

Cut a one-inch hole in the center of the coffee can lid.

Step 4

Glue the lid of the coffee can to the bottom of the Lazy Susan. Make sure you are placing the lid with the ledge down so that the Lazy Susan can be placed onto the coffee can.

Step 5

Attach an eye hook at the base of the Lazy Susan. Make sure to center the hook as precisely as you can.

Step 6

Attach the motor to the bottom inside part of the coffee can using an open hook. This will be the support needed to turn the Lazy Susan.

Step 7

Connect the motor to the eye hook on the bottom of the Lazy Susan and close the lid on top of the coffee can. This will be tricky because you will want the motor to be on before you close the lid. If you do it correctly, the table will turn. The motor will take a second or two before it begins to turn the table because it has to catch the eye hook before it can begin turning the table.

Things You Will Need

  • Lazy Susan
  • Coffee can
  • Paint
  • Battery-operated spinning motor
  • Strong adhesive glue (Super Glue)
  • Knife
  • Eye hook
  • Open hook

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