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How to Use Debbie Meyer Green Bags

Carolyn Kay Neeley

If you enjoy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, Debbie Meyer Green Bags can help you to save money by preserving your fresh produce longer. Additionally, Green Bags are very easy to use and can be re-used several times as long as you rinse the bag out and allow it to dry thoroughly every time it is used. To get the most out of your Debbie Meyer Green Bags remember that your fresh produce should be completely dry, so keep an eye on your produce and wipe out the inside of the bags if moisture accumulates during use.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags can be used for any kind of fresh produce.
  1. Wash your produce and allow it to dry completely, towel-drying it if desired.

  2. Place your dry, fresh produce into the Debbie Meyer Green Bag, using one bag for each type of produce.

  3. Fold the top of the bag loosely to seal the air out. It is not recommended to use twist ties since they can poke holes in the bags. Store the produce in your refrigerator or in cupboards as usual.