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Salton Yogurt Directions

Salton, Inc. has made a variety of different yogurt makers that use a starter culture and milk to produce yogurt. Basic instructions for making yogurt are similar for all Salton yogurt makers. Milk can be used directly from pure dairy sources, but Salton recommends boiling then cooling the milk before adding starter culture and incubating the milk. Incubation time determines the taste and texture of the final yogurt product. Refrigerate the yogurt to deactivate the cultures and enjoy your homemade yogurt food product.

Yogurt can be cultured from fresh or dried milk.
    Use your favorite brand of yogurt or a dried yogurt culture for a starter.
  1. Measure out the milk. Use one quart of whole or skim milk. If you are using non-fat dry milk, follow the instructions on the package, but use 1/3 cup more dry milk per quart when mixing.

  2. Use whole milk, 1%, 2%, or nonfat dried milk.
  3. Heat one quart of milk in the saucepan and on medium heat until it is almost boiling (about 180 degrees Fahrenheit). Don't use high heat, or you may scald the milk.

  4. Cool the milk. Turn off the heat and remove the saucepan from the burner. Stir occasionally while the milk is cooling. While the milk is cooling, plug in and turn on the Salton yogurt maker so that it has time to warm up.

  5. Check the temperature of the milk. Use the Salton spoon-thermometer to find when the milk has cooled to the "Add Starter" temperature, between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. If you add starter to milk that's over 120 degrees, it will be killed. If you add starter to cooler milk, the incubation time will be longer.

  6. Use plain yogurt labeled
  7. Add the starter culture. Use the spoon-thermometer to measure a spoonful of live yogurt, or add a package of dried live yogurt culture. Gently but thoroughly mix the culture into the milk with the spoon-thermometer. It is best not to use fruit-flavored yogurt as a starter, because the results may be inconsistent. Make sure the yogurt you use as a starter states that it contains live cultures, otherwise it won't work.

  8. Pour the milk/culture mix into the Salton serving jars. Put the covers on securely and place the jars in the Salton yogurt maker. Place the plastic cover on the yogurt maker.

  9. Set the "Time-Out" dial to 10 hours. The yogurt maker will gently warm the milk and culture, and your yogurt will be ready in 10 hours. Remove the jars and refrigerate them for three to four hours before serving. Salton suggests refrigerating your yogurt before you add fruit or syrups for flavor.