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How to Use the Three-Cup Continental Electric CE23201 Continental Rice Cooker

Erin Miller

The Continental Electric CE23201 three cup rice cooker provides a much easier way of making rice than cooking it in a pan on the stove. This is because it can detect when the rice has cooked completely and will switch to keeping the rice warm as soon as it's done. Simply set up the rice cooker, turn it on and wait for it to finish. There's no need to check on your rice as it's cooking or to keep track of the time.


Rice is simple to make with a rice cooker.
  1. Spray the inner pot of the rice cooker with a non-stick cooking spray. This will help ensure that the rice doesn't stick to the pot.

  2. Determine the amount of rice you'd like to make. Rice generally doubles in volume when it's cooked. So one cup of raw rice will make approximately two cups of cooked rice. The Continental Electric three cup rice cooker can make up to six cups of cooked rice. Measure out the amount of rice you need and put it in a bowl.

  3. Rinse the rice thoroughly. Fill the bowl of rice with cold water. Gently stir the rice with a spoon. Pour the water down the drain. Repeat this step until the water runs clear. Drain the water completely.

  4. Transfer the rice from the bowl to the cooking pot in the rice maker and add one and a half cups of water for every cup of dry rice you used.

  5. Place the inner pot inside the rice cooker. Make sure the pot is level so that it's sitting evenly on the heating element inside the rice cooker. Close the lid securely.

  6. Plug the cord into the rice cooker and into the wall socket. Move the switch into the "Cook" position. An indicator light will come on to show that the rice has started cooking. When the rice has cooked, the cooker will switch to "Warm" mode automatically.