How to Adjust Blade on Craftsman Bandsaw

Adam Yeomans

The Craftsman bandsaw is one of Craftsman Tools' most popular woodworking tools. The bandsaw is a tool with a blade that is serrated on one edge and is placed on wheels that are spun by a motor to turn the blade. This is very similar to the belts on a car engine. Just like those belts, the blades on bandsaws do need to be adjusted from time to time.

Allen wrenches
  1. Locate the blade tension scale on the side of the bandsaw. The scale will read 1/2, 3/8, 1/4, and Sanding. The scale represents the different widths of blades that the bandsaw can use. So if you have a 1/2-inch blade, turn the knob on the top of the bandsaw until the indicator arrow points to the 1/2-inch mark on the tension scale. Always make sure you match the width of the blade with the tension scale or injury or machine failure can occur.

  2. Adjust the blade guilds by loosening the set screw with an 1/8-inch Allen wrench and turning the adjustment knobs by hand until there is approximately 1/16-inch of clearance between the blade and the guild blade holder on either side. The guild blade holder is not the small wheel, but the adjustable apparatus underneath the wheel with four silver adjustment knobs. Once satisfied with the adjustment, tighten the set screw with the wrench.

  3. To adjust the bandsaw table position to allow proper blade clearance, turn the lockdown handle counter clockwise. The table top will become loose. Adjust until the table top is exactly 90 degrees. There should be 1/64 of an inch between both sides of the table guide. Lock the table in place by turning the handle clockwise.