How to Maintain a Dyson Vacuum

Helen Sterling

Dyson makes vacuum cleaners that work differently from other vacuum cleaners on the market. According to the Dyson website, it uses a "patented cyclone technology to spin the dirt out of the air," which results in no loss of suction and no need for vacuum cleaner bags.

The Dyson website states that lack of routine maintenance by the owner can void the manufacturer's warranty. To prevent this from happening, Dyson owners can perform several maintenance tasks to keep the vacuum running efficiently and keep the warranty in force.

  1. Unplug the vacuum before doing any maintenance to avoid electrical shock. Remove the bin assembly from the vacuum. Remove the clear bin from the bin assembly and rinse under running water. Dry with paper towels before reassembling.

  2. Wipe or brush the shroud area free of dust, or use a can of compressed air to blow away dust. Avoid getting this area wet as wet dust or dirt can harden in the holes at the top of the shroud, affecting performance.

  3. Wash the pre-motor filter found at the base of the unit every six months as recommended by Dyson or more often if you vacuum fine dust such as plaster or drywall dust or large amounts of carpet freshener. Remove the yellow filter cage and the blue foam filter, rinse each under cold water and allow to dry 12 hours before replacing.

  4. Inspect the brushes underneath the vacuum for hair, string or other material wrapped around the bar or caught in the brush that impedes rotation of the brush. Pull the material out or use a pair of scissors to cut the material loose.