Troubleshooting an Oasis Washing Machine

Kenmore Oasis washing machines have various features that are specific to each model.


Water leaks in your Oasis washing machine can be caused by a loose fill hose.Water leaks in your Oasis washing machine can be caused by a loose fill hose.
Most of the common problems that can arise with Oasis washers have causes that apply to all Oasis models. Each model uses the same error codes to indicate certain problems. The most common issues can be resolved by following troubleshooting steps for this line of machines.

Make sure the washer is level if it is vibrating excessively. Adjust the leveling legs if needed. Turn the legs clockwise to shorten them. Turn the legs counter-clockwise to lengthen them.

Check the cycle settings if the washer is noisy while washing oversized, non-absorbent items like bedding. Select the "Bulky/Bedding" cycle for these types of items to prevent an unbalanced load situation.

Make sure the water fill hoses are tightly secured if there is a water leak. Inspect the sink or drain from which the washer drain hose is feeding. Remove any clogs or debris.

Make sure the hot and cold water faucets are turned on if the washer stops during the cycle. The washer will not fill if water is not flowing into the unit. Turn both the hot and cold faucets on completely.

Check the water inlet hose for kinks if the washer will not fill with water. Remove any kinks and restart the cycle.

Make sure the lid is completely closed if the washer stops before completing the cycle. Some parts of the wash cycle will not work if the lid is open.

Error Codes

Check the water inlet hoses for kinks or clogs if the washer displays the "LF" or "Ld" error code. "LF" means the washer is taking too long to fill. "Ld" means the washer is taking too long to drain water from the wash tub. After straightening the hoses and removing any clogs, press "Stop" to clear the display.

Open the lid if the error code "uL" or "oL" is displayed. The "uL" code means the load is unbalanced. Rearrange the clothing and close the lid. "oL" means the washer is overloaded. Remove some items from the washer and close the lid. Press "Start" to continue the cycle.

Close the lid if "lid" is displayed. This code means the lid is not fully closed. After closing the lid, the error code will clear.

Check the hot and cold inlet hoses if "HC" is displayed. This code means the hot and cold water hoses are switched. The code displays at the end of the wash cycle. Disconnect each hose and connect them to the correct inlets.

Check the lid for obstructions or excessive weight if "dL" or "dU" are displayed. The "dL" code means something is preventing the lid from locking. "dU" means there is excessive weight on the lid preventing it from unlocking. Press "Stop" to clear the code.

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