How to Install Trex Decking Hidden Fasteners

Trex Hideaway fasteners are hardware used for securing grooved deck boards manufactured by Trex. These fasteners are designed in such a way that once installed, they cannot be seen from above, resulting in a professional, clean look to your patio deck. Installing Trex Hideaway fasteners requires no special tools, and in addition to a clean look, provides a safer surface for outdoor living, free of nails and screws on the walking area.

Use Trex Hideaway fasteners to give your deck a clean, professional look.
  1. Place the first set of fasteners on the joists along the edge of your ledger board, and align them so that the pre-installed screws are in the center of each joist. Screw down at a 45-degree angle into the joist using a power drill with a Phillips-head bit.

  2. Place the first board's groove into the clasp of the fasteners. Use a rubber mallet to tap the board into place if necessary.

  3. Push the next set of fasteners on to the groove in the other side of the first deck board. Align these in the same way as the first set, centering the screws over the center of each joist. Repeat this process as you work away from the first deck board, and toward the opposite end of your deck.

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