How to Install a Thermostat Lock

Paul Massey

The simple installation of a thermostat lock can prevent the unwanted or accidental adjustment of heating and air-conditioning settings, as well as help control system balance and utility costs. Lock boxes are available for any size or type of thermostat and installation takes just a few minutes.

  1. Separate the mounting ring from the thermostat cover, then place it against the wall surface with the thermostat unit centered within the mounting ring. Make certain the mounting ring is positioned so that the locking mechanism clears the thermostat cover when opening and closing.

  2. Mark each of the mounting ring screw holes with a pencil.

  3. Use an awl to create a hole in the sheet rock for the screw anchors at each screw hole location marked in Step 2, then press a screw anchor into each hole.

  4. Reposition the mounting ring against the wall surface, aligning the screw holes in the ring with the screw anchors installed in Step 3, and secure in place with the screws provided.

  5. Hook the outer lock box cover over the hinge tabs on the top edge of the mounting ring and pivot it down over the thermostat until it is against the mounting ring.

  6. Lock the thermostat cover in place with the key provided.