How to Install a Slide-in Stove

Installing a slide-in stove is similar to installing a freestanding stove.

The only difference is that a slide-in stove is supported by the surrounding cabinetry. Because of this feature, the slide-in stove must fit snugly into place; otherwise, it may be difficult to install correctly. Only basic hand tools, available at hardware stores and home improvement centers, are required to install a slide-in stove.

Remove the existing range if needed. Some electric ranges are wired directly to the house wiring instead of being plugged into a 220-volt electrical outlet. Turn the power off to the stove before disconnecting the wiring. Slide the old stove out of the slot in the cabinets and take it out of the kitchen so it is out of the way.

Remove the packaging from the new slide-in stove, including the plastic film and tape placed on the range to protect it during shipping. Check that all the hardware you need is included.

Place the new slide-in stove in front of the opening between cabinets. Lift and slide it into place, but before it is slid in all the way, plug it into the electrical outlet or connect the wiring.

Slide the stove into the cabinetry the rest of the way. Secure the range to the surrounding cabinetry with the provided screws and a screwdriver or electric drill so it will not move out of place.

Turn the electrical supply back on and test the stove for correct operation. Program the stove (clock, temperature settings) if required by the manufacturer for correct operation.

Things You Will Need

  • Screws and other hardware (provided)
  • Screwdriver or electric drill

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