How to Decorate a Four Poster Bed

Liza Hollis

Four poster beds are an elegant and dramatic focal point of any bedroom. They can be customized to fit with any desired decor and style, from antique to modern. While it might seem like a four poster bed is out of your price range, they can often be found in inexpensive ways such as at garage sales or thrift stores. If you want to add further interest to a stately four poster bed, you can use paint and fabrics to create a personalized touch for your room.

Fabrics can help frame a four poster bed.
  1. Use the four posts of your bed to create a fabric canopy. This creates an intimate setting that is also decorative and inviting. For an open canopy, wrap your fabric around one post and connect to the next post to complete the circuit. If you want your canopy top enclosed, lay fabric over the top of the posts and tie in place with ribbon or coordinating fabric.

  2. Use paint to make a charming and personal statement with your four poster bed. Before painting, lightly sand the area you want to cover to help the paint properly adhere. Clear the surface of any dust with a warm, damp rag and dry fully. Apply your paint in your desired design using stencils or your own hand-drawn pattern.

  3. Create a medieval-inspired space by accenting your four posts with richly colored and heavily textured fabrics. These can be hung to the posts behind the bed, serving as a substitute for a headboard. These fabrics can be held in place like a canopy for the posts.

  4. Use sheer fabrics, tulles or mosquito netting to wrap around your four poster bed. This not only creates a romantic and inspired ambiance, it can complement a nature or East Asian-inspired bedroom. Use rope and decorative materials to wrap around your posts and anchor your tulle or netting in place.