How to Set Up a Futon Bed

The futon is a useful and popular piece of furniture that doubles as both a bed and couch.

Typically, the futon is used as a couch during the day and a bed at night. It can quickly fold up into the couch position or fold down into a flat-lying bed in a matter of minutes. Properly set up your futon as a bed and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

Grab the futon and gently pull the back away from the walls of the room it is in. If the futon is too heavy for you to move, ask a friend to help hold the other side. It is best to lift the futon to avoid scratching the floors.

Locate the positioning handle. On a majority of models, this handle is located underneath the front seat cushion. The handle is often labeled with instructions for unfolding.

Grasp the positioning handle with one or two hands and lift directly up to disengage the lock.

Walk backward while holding the handle to unfold the futon, and set the legs of the futon gently onto the floor to complete the unfolding process.

Adjust the arm and seat cushions to fit the frame of the bed to your liking to finish the set-up process.