How to Replace a Toilet Stopper

A sign that it may be time to replace your toilet stopper is a constant hissing sound coming from the toilet long after the tank has refilled. The hissing is caused by water slowly leaking from the toilet tank rather than the stopper sealing the water in. This can reflect in a higher water bill as well. Hiring a plumber to replace your toilet stopper can be costly. As an alternative you can replace it yourself for the cost of supplies.

A hissing sound may be a sign your toilet stopper needs replacing.

Step 1

Take the lid off the back of the toilet tank. Turn the water completely off from the valve located behind the toilet. Flush the toilet so that the tank is emptied.

Step 2

Put on your rubber gloves and lift the stopper out of the tank. Use your pliers to remove the chain from the old stopper by loosening the chain link attached to the rubber loop of the old stopper. Dispose of the old stopper.

Step 3

Attach the chain through the rubber loop on the new stopper and use pliers to clamp down the chain link.

Step 4

Set the new stopper in the tank flush with the hole at the bottom of the tank. Place the lid back on the tank and turn the water back on at the valve behind the toilet.

Step 5

Allow the tank to refill. Flush the toilet to ensure there is no hissing and the tank is properly sealing.

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