How to Remove a Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal was first pioneered by the InSinkErator company in the 1920s. Since then, the company has introduced a number of successful models. The Badger 5 garbage disposal is one of the company's compact models that features a one-half HP motor to help in breaking down food waste. Removing a Badger 5 garbage disposal involves disconnecting the disposal from the utility hookups, including electricity and sewer plumbing, and then unscrewing it from the mounting brackets beneath the sink.

Step 1

Disconnect the electrical circuit. If the Badger is plugged into an outlet located beneath the sink, simply unplug the disposal. If the Badger is hardwired into the electrical circuit, turn off the power to the circuit where the Badger disposer is installed at the main circuit breaker. Unscrew the electrical cover on the side (you will see the wires leading into the compartment). Unscrew the wires from the terminals inside with a screwdriver.

Step 2

Disconnect any washer drain hoses if present. These will be attached to the side of the Badger. Unscrew the hose clamp, then slide the hose clamp down the hose. Pull the hose straight off the nipple.

Step 3

Unscrew the drain pipe coupling from the disposal. This is the larger, PVC or metal pipe connected to the disposal. Use a pair of pliers if the coupling is too hard to turn by hand.

Step 4

Loosen the screws located in the mounting brackets, just underneath the drain.

Step 5

Rotate the disposal counterclockwise in the brackets to remove.

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