How to Hook Up a Portable Dishwasher

A portable dishwasher may be the ideal solution for compact kitchens where an installed appliance is impractical and the residents loathe dishpan hands. These wheeled units can roll out from a closet or pantry to connect to the sink faucet with a threaded nozzle in a couple of minutes. Portable dishwashers are typically equipped with a retractable power cord on a spring-loaded reel to withdraw the cord inside the appliance when not in use. Just place the exhaust hose in the sink where it can drain.

Portable dishwashers roll over to the sink for a quick faucet connection.

Step 1

Push the portable dishwasher over to the kitchen sink with the loading door to the appliance facing outward.

Step 2

Unscrew the cap on the end of the kitchen faucet by turning clockwise, then set the part on the counter. It will be needed later.

Step 3

Attach the threaded coupler on the end of the dishwasher's feeder hose to the kitchen faucet by twisting the coupler counter-clockwise to the threads on the faucet. Turn on the water and tighten the faucet connection gently with pliers, if necessary, to stop any leaks.

Step 4

Adjust the water temperature on the faucet to hot. Some portable dishwashers are equipped with built-in elements to heat the water and preserve hot water in the residential water tank, so this step may not be necessary, depending on the model.

Step 5

Place the dishwasher exhaust hose in the sink and make sure the sink trap is clear of debris so water can drain properly.

Step 6

Connect the dishwasher's electrical cord to a power outlet, then select the washing cycle and press the "Start" button or turn a dial control to the "Start" position.


  • Connect hoses to the faucet and sink before plugging in the electrical cord.

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