How to Use Vitamix 3600

Vitamix is a company that manufactures blenders and drink machines for both home and commercial use. These blenders can be used to freeze and dispense solid ice cream, grind grain, make soup and create smoothies and fresh juice from whole fruits and vegetables. The company's Vitamix 3600 blender is easy to use.

Vitamix is a company that manufactures blenders.
  1. Plug the blender in.

  2. Place the food to be blended in the container. Never fill above the fill line or the highest line on the container.

  3. Place the lid plug inside the lid. Secure the lid onto the top of the container.

  4. Place the blender on its base, which contains the motor.

  5. Lift the red switch located on the back of the machine to turn the blender on. Turn the knob on the back of the machine to adjust the blender speed. Turning it to the left slows down the speed, while turning it toward the right speeds up the blender. Lowering the red switch on the back of the machine causes the blades to turn the opposite way. This is useful if any unblended food becomes stuck between the blades.

  6. Continue blending until the mixture is the desired consistency.

  7. Empty the contents of the blender. Lift the handle on the spout to allow the mixture to flow out. Alternatively, remove the container from the motor and remove the lid. Pour the contents from the container.


  • Before you turn on the motor, make sure the top is securely tightly to the blender.
  • Never put your hand, finger, spoon, knife, etc. inside the blender when it is plugged in and/or running.