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Troubleshooting Guide for a Black & Decker Crush Master BL12475B

Misty Faucheux

Black & Decker is a brand of appliances sold by the Stanley Black & Decker company. Black & Decker's Crush Master BL12475B blender was released in 2004, but it is no longer manufactured. If you own a Crush Master BL12475B and it appears to be malfunctioning, troubleshoot it yourself to save money on service technician fees. You can often fix minor issues with your blender, including power and blending issues.


Turn the blender power to the "On" position and verify that it's plugged into an outlet securely. Check your circuit breaker and reset if it's been tripped. Look at the household fuses to see if they are black or have broken wires. Replace if this is the case. If the Crush Master blender still won't turn on, unplug the power cord from the wall for a few seconds, then plug it back in. Try turning on the blender. If the motor is overloaded, allow it to cool for 10 seconds. Remove any blockages from the blender jar. If the motor is overheated, let it cool for at least 20 minutes. Remove any other appliances from the same circuit as the blender as this can draw power away from it. Call for service if the blender still won't work.


If the blender texture is incorrect, verify that you have selected the correct blending option. Blend the item for a longer period of time or try pulsing the food item for a few minutes. Ensure that the bottom of the blender is securely tightened, as this can affect how the blade spins. Do try to blend frozen or solid foods, as this can cause cavitation. This happens when the blade spins in an air pocket but does not actually reach the food. Heat the foods up before blending them.


If the blade won't spin, tighten the blade and remove any food that is keeping the blade from spinning. Use the pulse setting to see if the blade starts spinning. If the blade does spin, you can use a programmed setting. If not, remove the covering from the motor and look at the motor. If it is corroded or has a burnt look, you must replace it.


Your Crush Master blender normally makes noise while it is crushing the food. If the jar is shaking, verify that the blade assembly is completely tight. If it won't tighten, replace the blade assembly. Check the motor. Take the jar off the base and listen to the motor. If it's making a lot of noise, replace it.