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Deni Ice Cream Maker Directions

Jamie Lisse

If you like ice cream but prefer fresh ice cream, you can make your own soft-serve ice cream with the Deni ice cream maker. The Deni ice cream maker has a convenient spout that makes it easy for you to dispense your freshly made soft-serve ice cream once it is ready to serve. According to the Deni website, the Deni ice cream maker makes enough ice cream to fill eight to 10 cones at one time.

  1. Leave the canister in your freezer overnight the night before you want to make the ice cream.

  2. Look through the recipe booklet that came with the Deni ice cream maker to select a recipe. You can also find the recipes on the Deni website. You can make your own adjustments to the recipes, but remember that hard items do not fit through the ice cream spout.

  3. Follow your recipe that you have selected and prepare your ingredients for the ice cream recipe. Place the prepared ingredients in your refrigerator for at least four hours, so that they are properly chilled.

  4. Lift the body of the Deni ice cream maker up until it locks into position while you are holding the base to keep it steady. Once it is in position, you are ready to start.

  5. Remove the canister from your freezer and place it into the body of the ice cream maker for immediate use. Add the stir paddle to the opening of the motor and the spiral piece of the paddle into the opening at the bottom of the canister.

  6. Lock the lid on the body and place the motor top on the lid until it locks into place. Once that is in place, put the spout on the bottom of the body and the handle on the left side of the body. Twist the handle counter clockwise and into the upright position. You only should have the handle down when dispensing ice cream.

  7. Plug in the Deni ice cream maker and power it on. Once on, get your chilled prepared ingredients from the refrigerator and pour them into the opening in the lid. The mixture needs to freeze, which means you need to leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.

  8. Place a bowl or cone under the spout and pull the handle down to dispense your ice cream from the Deni ice cream maker.