How to Remove Dog Hair From a Couch

A common problem for many dog owners is shedding.

Remove dog hair from your couch on a regular basis.Remove dog hair from your couch on a regular basis.
Shedding hair for the most part, is a natural occurrence for dogs, as it makes way for your pet's new fur to grow in. This process allows your pet to have a beautiful coat, but if your dog enjoys lounging on your sofa it can leave your couch looking like a hairy mess. As a dog owner, you should keep your home and your sofa as free of dog hair as possible by cleaning and removing the hair from your couch on a regular basis.

Prepare the couch. Remove any sofa pillows or throws and set them aside. Put your dog in another room to prevent him from jumping on the pillows or the couch while you are in the process of cleaning.

Vacuum your couch. Use your vacuum cleaner's attachment handle to vacuum loose hair from your sofa. If you have a large dog, several dogs or a little one that sheds a lot, consider investing in a vacuum cleaner that is made specifically to pick up pet fur. These types of cleaners will be better equipped and powerful enough to remove stubborn dog fur.

Lift additional fur using packaging tape. Wrap the tape around your hands. The sticky side of the tape should face outwards away from your skin. Run the palms and the backs of your hands over the surface of the couch. Remove the tape and replace as needed. Alternately if there is only a small section of the sofa that needs cleaning, simply rip off a section of the packaging tape and spot clean wherever there is dog hair that needs removing. Go to the pillows and remove any dog hairs that you see.

Wipe with a dry sponge if there are fine, lingering hairs. Buy a simple sponge from any grocery market or pet supply store. Swipe the sponge over the sofa, removing and throwing away the lifted dog fur as you go. You may also moisten the sponge or use a wet lint free cloth. Wring the water completely from the cloth or sponge so that it is just damp. Run the damp cloth over the couch and discard the lifted fur.

Use rubber gloves instead of a sponge. Purchase a pair of latex or rubber gloves, such as dish-washing gloves, from the grocery market or discount retailer. Put on the gloves and rub your hands vigorously over the sofa to lift and remove the hair. Replace the pillows on the couch.

Things You Will Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Packaging tape
  • Sponge
  • Cloth
  • Latex or rubber gloves


  • Once you have successfully eliminated the dog fur off of your couch, take preventative measures by brushing your dog daily and placing a blanket on his favorite spot.


  • Check with your veterinarian if it appears that your pet is shedding an unusual amount of hair or if hair loss is apparent. This could be a potential sign of health problems.

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