How do I Get a Number for Customer Service for Euro-Pro?

Christine Roberts

Euro-Pro is a Canadian, family-owned business with deep roots among sewing circles for their household appliances, floor cleaners, and sewing machines. Popular for their Shark vacuum and its innovative design, the company has reported higher sales in the past two decades. Their customer service representatives are available by email or phone to help customers attempting to buy or return a product from their website, as well as those looking for more information about a product or shipping information.

Customer service representatives may be hard to reach, but their phone number should not.
  1. Visit the Euro-Pro website at euro-pro.com.

  2. Click the link on the right-hand side of the page below the text box, which reads "Customer Service: Click Here." This will direct you to a contact page.

  3. Call the number listed at the bottom of the text box for placing an order, 800-798-7395. Because no direct number is given for customer service, requests to contact a representative are fielded through this number.